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Gwadar Port

Gwadar Port is now being considered as the highly important spot in the region that will turn the whole regional economic situation. Especially, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will expand the new business horizons not only for locals but also for foreigners.

Chinese media and resources are also too willing about new economic opportunity and highly active as well as enthusiastic in that regards; They are also pronouncing Gwadar as new Dubai in the region that will attract the global investor, entrepreneurs as well as tourists because of its lucrative opportunities and beauty.

Besides, in Gwadar, development works are in robust pace and both Pakistani and Chinese Workforces are busy to chase the milestone by keep doing round the clock activities. Particularly, they seem too much busy in completing the ‘Gwadar Free Zone’ that is the added feature in Gwadar with the seaport and will act as an important business hub to support the regional as well as international business activities.

Gwadar Free zone will also add more prosperous opportunities and will provide benefits to South Asian as well as central Asian countries; in addition, this free zone will invite global entrepreneurs to unveil the profit zones to boost economic activities.

According to the online source, Gwadar Free Zone is located in a very wide area of more than 900 hectors and this zone will be completed in four different phases. This Zone is very dynamic in functioning as well as facilities that not only support the local but rich coastal and deep sea fishing but also act as add-on facility to surge mining business. The planned local industries for export quality products will definitely power up the business cycle as well as act as a catalyst to further strengthen the GDP and GNP both.

It is also logged that the second phase of Gwadar Free Zone is dedicated to gigantic steel factory subject to provide low-cost but quality stuff to other industries by keep creating the huge job opportunities.

Besides, CPEC construction is also in full pace and expected to complete as per the plan. Chinese and Pakistani Engineers are working on this project by keep facing and challenging the expected as well unexpected hurdles and after finalizing this root, the whole new era of economic prosperity is almost ready to start its journey with full potential.

But Chinese officials seem very cautious about the local political scenario and urged Pakistani politicians to join hand for Gwadar and its allied projects for prosperous economic future on the shared basis.

Posted On:March 21,2017