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The Southern city of Pakistan that became the crucial business hub is also supporting and boosting other economic activities such as Skyrocketing prices of land and increasing demand for residential and commercial properties. The total of 57 billion dollars investment in CPEC and other projects are key factors in determining the importance of this project resulting thrust in land prices.

Although, Gwadar port and CPEC route are being considered as the joint venture of Chinese and Pakistani authorities but the sole party of this project is China and Hence, if recent Gwadar progress is labeled as "Made in China' so it can't be considered as wrong.

Gwadar Port is now under the control of ‘China Overseas Ports Holding Company Ltd’ and has been engaged in Gwadar seaport operations since 2013. According to an estimate, the company is planning to handle 300 to 400 million tons of cargo on per year basis.

It is also fact that local political and regional situations are very sensitive because Gwadar is the part of Baluchistan province that has long unrest history because of ethnic and tribal conflicts and sometimes that conflicts turn into deadly clashes but in spite of all these hurdles Chinese and Pakistani Officials are still very energetic about the Gwadar development and its future.

Besides, Chinese seems very much enthusiastic as well as energetic in doing business here. They are not only focusing global trades but also supporting the local businesses such as establishing the advanced seafood processing plant in Gwadar Free trade zone’ just located nearby the main city. This seafood processing plant will eventually support the local fishers and fishing activities by keep offering the attractive prices as well as explore the global market for better bids.

On the Other side, CPEC and Gwadar port are being considered as the shortest path to West, Africa and other parts of the world for Chinese traders. But it is not just a Chinese game, CPEC and Gwadar will act as a catalyst in creating the plethora of jobs, locally.

A new expressway just opened to Gwadar that 350 km road network aimed to support smooth and low-cost transportations. In addition, a new international airport is going to ready to service the influx of tourists, business professionals and entrepreneurs. Indeed, there will be a dire need of luxurious accommodations to accommodate these delegations and it is the crux of entire property saga.

A keen Property investor knows that foreigners usually pay in Dollars or in foreign currencies and that is the real catch because the price is too much lucrative than to accommodate locals and that profit chasing game is the actual game changer that are boosting up Property prices in Gwadar.

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Posted On:March 21,2017